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Local Diving


Looking for a fun new challenge or fresh dive site at Lake Tenkiller? Here's a couple of ideas, all based in Tenkiller State Park!


The Grand Tour

So you’ve been to the scuba park before but want to try something new and test your navigational skills? On your next visit, attempt the Grand Tour: hit all 7 major scuba park sites in a single dive. Conquered it once? Try it in a different order or by cover of night. Bonus points if you get to say hi to Mitch, the scuba park's friendliest bass and unofficial mascot!

  • Green Boat
  • Twin Boats
  • Helicopter
  • Aquanaut Boat
  • Airplane
  • School Bus
  • Dedication Plaque

Crappie Point & Bluff View

What it lacks in attractions and a proper parking lot, you typically make up for in better visibility and beautiful natural bluffs. If the scuba park is already packed upon arrival, head back up the hill and take a right into the first cabin area inside the state park. Head down to the water amidst the campsites, but be sure not to block in any of our friends staying in a tent for the weekend!

The Tenkiller Traverse

Descend at Bluff View and surface at the scuba park. This is a one-way trip! You’ll cover around 3/4 of a mile and it should take you around one hour to complete.