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We love diving Lake Tenkiller, but it's a lot of fun to explore new waters in other states and countries, too! Here's just a few of our favorite places to visit. If you'd like dates and information on upcoming dive trips, give us a call!


Cozumel, Mexico

Our signature annual dive trip. Cozumel makes for a short travel day, affordable lodging and food, and boasts some of the best reef dives in the world. You'll experience amazing coral formations and likely spot creatures like sea turtles, nurse sharks, manta rays, moray eels, octopus, lion fish, and more!


Blue Hole, New Mexico

Blue Hole is a natural phenomenon and the result is clear, cool waters perfect for recreational and training dives alike. Most of us will get 5 dives in between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon on this weekend "drive and dive." Rooms are booked on your own. A diving pass is just $20 for one week, so this is the cheapest dive trip you can take beyond Tenkiller!


The Scuba Ranch, Texas

The Scuba Ranch is a fantastic drive-and-dive destination just outside of Terrell, Texas. This divers-only lake boasts plenty of fun attractions to checkout and impressive fish activity. Get excited for a tailgate environment at our private pavilion and dive to your heart's content Friday and Saturday.